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We Can Help With Your Custody And Visitation Issues

The child custody and visitation portion of your divorce settlement is critical if you have children. The securing of a workable child custody agreement and a viable visitation schedule is significant, because you will need to interact with your child’s other parent until they reach age 18. If your child or children are young, this means your custody agreement will need to function for a decade or more. Nathan can help you work out an agreement that will meet your needs.

Joint Custody Or Not?

No two families are alike, and no child custody agreements are the same. If you can cooperate with your child’s other parent, the best solution is typically obtained by both parents working together to create a parenting plan that will work for their child. This usually means joint custody, with parents having an equal say in decision-making for the child, as well as the child spending equal time with each parent.

Best Interests Of The Child Standard

If you cannot agree on the terms of a custody agreement, the family law court in Arkansas will impose a custody plan based on the best interests of the child. This is a complex determination that looks at many factors of parental ability and the child’s needs. The court’s focus is on the child’s needs, and contested custody situations may result in less than ideal outcomes for the parents.

Why A Cooperative Parenting Plan Is Often Best

The bottom line is you and your children will have to live with the result of any custody determination. Unless your child’s other parent poses a safety threat to the child, a court is likely to order joint custody with shared parenting time.

Because you know your situation best and will likely have to deal with your child’s other parent, developing a cooperative plan that fosters a civil relationship between parents will likely be the most viable option. Our lawyer can help with this process.

What If The Other Parent Won’t Play Nice?

We understand that not every divorce results in parents cooperating to help their children grow. Our attorney, Nathan D. Lewis, experienced just such a divorce and a contentious custody situation as a child when his parents divorced. We bring a unique mix of compassion and determination based on our own experience to help you obtain a custody order that meets your and your child’s needs.

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